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let the moment seize you

The air contained that certain bite that can only be found in a New England winter. My unprotected nose was turning a vicious red, envious of my head and hands which were covered in a thick matching wool set. Indy trotted along happily beside me, putting in the extra effort to keep up with my strides. His pink tongue dangled out of his mouth, the way all dogs’ do when they are utterly content. We alternated between the dirt stained snow and the pavement, currently coming up in chunks due to ice seeping into its inconceivable cracks. Indy always insists on taking the outside, no matter how much I protest. He’s such a gentleman. 

For twenty minutes, we bond. I don’t talk and he barely makes a sound, yet we are simply  happy to be with the other, outside and on a brief journey for no particular reason but to enjoy it. We communicate in a series of tugs. He tugs me when he’s found the perfect spot to do his duty, and I tug when I decide he’s had more than enough time to efficiently smell whatever mysterious pile he comes across. 

We’ve explored various paths to travel, but we found our favorite on that particularly biting afternoon. We followed the road leading right of our house. The street is lined with tall trees, in the winters the branches bend inwards from the weight of the snow, creating a white tunnel where the tips meet in the middle. In the summer, the sky may as well be noted as green, the canopy so bursting and vibrant. Being the end of January with little snow in sight, branches just loom above, with a narrow strip of grey blue fitting in between.

The mocking of the cold air was making itself all too present when we came to an open field, breaking up the monotony of the hovering maples and pines. We were drenched to the bone in the most beautiful rays of light I’ve ever seen. The sun was just beginning to sink itself into bed for the day and was at the epitome of its splendor. Indy’s chocolate fur sparkled in this sudden burst of warmth, and my face began to bask in it for all its worth. It was really such a simple moment, an everyday occurrence that we sometimes take for granted, but it was such a spectacular feeling. It was as if the sun had plucked us two insignificant beings out of all others just to say hello. Our current happy state was enhanced to one of pure love for that current state of being. 

Now when we walk, we will take that route, hoping to catch that moment yet again, holding out for that warm embrace. 

if you have not seen Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow, you are truly missing out. 

beautiful simplicity 

beautiful simplicity 

it must be heavenly here