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dabbling in reverie

The musings of a small town 20 year old working on some colorful patches to add to her quilt of life. Warning: the occasional elephant will be passing through

Theme by Theme Static

"Calypso’s Sunset" pastel

an idea I’ve been fooling around with, I’d like to blow it up and add more color

"Carry Me Home Tonight"

see, my problem is I do all these preliminary sketches and then never try to do a final product. So, final drawings are a goal I’m working towards in 2012

a simple sketch, but it’s one of my favorite for some reason

when you’re passionate about something, you breathe life into it

Really rough first sketch of a baby. My neighbor’s having a little boy soon and I want to draw something for him. I’m thinking about different ways to incorporate a little sleeping baby with the elements of the pond we live on. I’m anxious to start working on the real thing. 

Something Missing

just some tinkering with oil pastels tonight, thinking about blowing it up on canvas with some acrylics